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64/365 - Love

The love of my live gave this to me the day he asked me to marry him. I am one lucky lady. 

63/365 - Fresh Strawberries & Yogurt

The strawberries were irresistible. So sweet & juicy and made me dreaming of summer.

62/365 - Steak, raw.

If you know me, you may know I hate steak. Yes, I know I am one in a million (and I’m not exactly a vegetarian) but it is true. So steak night is really my husband getting one of these (Fareway special) and I get some chicken. Whoot whoot

61/365 - Taking photo of dog with I’m a little tipsy

Yes, yes I was.  And some how, I came up with this. Not to shabby.

60/365 - Healthy Snack Time!

Here it is. Plain yogurt, Kind granola, frozen berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds & a touch of honey. 

{Need some inspiration on some healthy snacks, stalk this  or this blog for a while}

LEAP DAY/365 - Doin’ my nails

Not sure how to count today. There are 366 days this year. So, here is a photo anyway!  

59/365 - Pasta

Husband’s night to cook. Look at those noodles. 

58/365 - What to do with dried tomatoes. 

I love to garden. And I love to buy to many tomato plants. So at the end of the season I went through and dried a lot of the tomatoes that were left over. Now Spring is almost here and I need to figure out what to do with these..until the next crop arrives. 

{My Garden}

57/365 - Chicken Nuggets

Every time I think of buffalo chicken, my mouth waters. Literally. Here are some chicken nuggets prepped and headed into the oven. YOU WILL GO ON MY SALAD!

{Seriously, watch this}

56/365 - Doggy jog

Time to go for a jog. Can’t believe today was nice enough to get out and do this. Sure I had a few layers on, but couldn’t resist the sun shine. 

{I swear by this Puppia Soft Dog Harness, look how excited she gets when she puts it on!}

55/365 - Bent River Brewing Company

On our way back North, I had my ride stop at the Bent River Brewing Company for a couple growlers. I knew my husband would love it! And well, I always like to have some good quality delicious beer at home too. If you make it there, give it a try. 

{Bent River Brewing Company}

54/365 - Jackie & Mary

Made a trip south to the Quad Cities for work. It was a pretty good time. These are two of the ladies that I work with, enjoying a few drinks after our day of traveling and meetings. Let’s just say, the drinking didn’t end for a while yet after that. 

53/365 - Downtown Roch

What a beautiful blue sky. End Polio Now? I need to do some research, I didn’t know this was still a thing. 

52/365 - Hemp Protein Bars

(Don’t mind the messy counter). These are my husband’s and mine favorite new healthy treat. They are the perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon and will keep you going til dinner.

{Totally Baked: Hemp Protein Granola Bars}

51/365 - Coconut Water

I love coconut. Seriously, I could eat it every day in almost every form. But then I meet coconut water. This stuff is seriously good for you, but is just not very good. I’ve learned to add some lime juice to it and it’s bearable. 

{My Coconut Love Pinboard}